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    With over 10 years in the Asian Wedding Industry working alongside others, Cosmic Entertainment and Media now look to do it alone and thrive on bringing the very best to your Grand Event.

  • Entertainment

    Have that special occasion coming up?

    Look no further, here at Cosmic Entertainment we offer all the services you would ever need to make that special occasion really one to remember!

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  • DJ

    Here at Cosmic Entertainments we pride ourselves at our attention to detail, finding out what our clients want and tailoring their needs to the services we provide. We provide our clients with the best audio and most bespoke visual displays, specialising in creating the perfect ambiance for any event. The Cosmic Entertainments and Media Team guarantee that not only our clients will be extremely satisfied but their guests will be too.

    Cosmic Entertainments provides the highest level of professionalism and constantly go beyond the level of expectation. With over 10 years of experience in the Asian wedding industry Cosmic Entertainments are proud to say they are now one of the leading contenders in the entertainments scene around the West Midlands.

  • Live Dancers

    Nachda Sansaar

    Nachda Sansaar are a group of Punjabi Folk Dancers based in Birmingham (U.K.). Since 1984 they have excelled themselves and spearheaded a campaign to keep the art of traditional Bhangra dancing alive.

    Their traditional and freestyle routines provide a fast and exhilarating spectacle, full of colour and vibrant music, for all to enjoy.

    Dance is a universal language and can be understood and appreciated by all. It unites people regardless of colour, creed or class. With this in mind, it is the pleasure of Nachda Sansaar to keep the art of traditional Bhangra alive.

    Giddha Sansaar

    Giddha Sansaar are a vibrant and eclectic mix of young women who have a vivacious appetite for the traditional Punjabi art they represent.

    In their relatively short history, Giddha Sansaar have already delivered many high profile performances across the country and abroad. Their vibrant, energetic and engaging performances are already making shock-waves in the performing arts world.

    Giddha Sansaar hope to take the traditional art form of Giddha to multicultural audiences with influences from genres of dance around the globe. Their vibrant and energetic enthusiasm will ensure their vision is realised in its entirety.

    Nachda Sansaar and Giddha Sansaar are available to perform for all your events, whatever they may be.

    Services may include:

    •   Entrances & Walk-ins with live Dancers, Dholis and Tumbi artist.

    •   Providing live dancers performing a perfected routine accompanied by live singing and live instruments

  • Live Singers


    Foji is a Punjabi singer, writer and producer. He has risen to fame in 2010, and has managed to reach number 1 in the Official Asian Download Chart in a very short amount of time, having produced his own songs which has led him to be an up and coming star.

    His single, Dafa Hoja, became the most successful single to date in the Official Asian Download Chart. Foji’s Dafa Hoja enjoyed an unbroken, and unprecedented, 16 week spell in the top 10 and was the last single which featured in the first official countdown in March 2010 to remain in the chart.

    Foji’s third release was Bruah, and on 24 July 2010 became the only original Bhangra single by a solo artist to date to top the Official Asian Download Chart. Foji's debut album, Dafa Hoja, was released on 30 September 2010. The latest track to have been released in his long line of hits is the infamous Pumbeeri.


    Banger is an artist who needs no introduction. He is a new, fresh, hit artist. Banger’s main inspiration is and was Late Kuldeep Manak, who passed away November 2011. From being an Inspiration, Banger was lucky enough to have met this legend and form a personal relationship with his idol who also features in Bangers Debut Single – Soorma.

    Banger has gone on to make his own name in the Bhangra music industry with the smash hit release of Patandra in the summer of 2012.

    Undergoing other various projects soon to be released, Banger will be the perfect live singer for your special occasion.

  • Band Baja

    Dhol’n’Brass has been operating since 2003 and is one of the first of its nature to offer their services within the United Kingdom. A brass ensemble with that traditional Asian touch that has bought innovation, creativity and variety to the fore of performance music. The uniqueness it has created has attracted many new fans for unifying genres.

    The ensemble consists of the traditional brass elements of trumpet, trombone, alto sax and soprano sax fused with the rhythmic patterns of the snare and dhol drum. The end result promotes high quality brass instrumental music fused with dynamic and vibrant dhol beats. The performance repertoire is wide, consisting of a range of classical, semi-classical, folk and contemporary up beat tunes that appeal to all audiences.

    Dhol’n’Brass have performed throughout the country and beyond and have played at numerous prestigious highbrow venues, such as Alton Towers, and the Radisson Edwardian and Hilton hotels.

    The service offered brings a vast amount of experience, knowledge, ability and enthusiasm. The members of the ensemble are professionally trained musicians that are in high command. Our attire is that of traditional Indian garments, gleaming in an array of vivacious white and red colours. Our service is varied and thus enables us to cater for your requirements, whether traditional, ceremonial or corporate.

  • Magic Sahota

    Info soon!

  • Media

    Need a Photographer you can trust to capture that magical moment?

    Here at Cosmic Media we pride ourselves on our fantastic service and artistic eye. With our stylish attitude and sharp approach, we believe Cosmic Media is essential for all your photographic needs. <

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  • Photography

    Cosmic Photography are a group of young and talented photographers with an eye for natural beauty. Based in the West Midlands, Cosmic Photography specialising in pre-wedding shoots and Portrait photography, providing both studio and location shoots. We focus on providing an exceptional service and pride ourselves on keeping every moment magical.

  • Videography

    Coming Soon

  • Corpoate

    Cosmic Photography also do commercial, corporate and school portrait days, where we can come in to a premises and set up a portable studio with a background and studio lights.

    We also provide the same photography service for School leavers Proms and University Alumni events

  • Design

    Coming soon

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